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 I would highly recommend Rob to any company that is looking to save money and increase their marketing exposure to their customer base."

- Steve Valari, Vice President and G.M., NES Clothing Co.

Rob has a wonderful attitude and great sense of humor. That is number one in my book!... I thank him for the time he spent at Six Red Marbles!”

- Sarah Smith White, President, Six Red Marbles

Rob is a consummate design professional ...
He is a creative visionary with a keen ability to align his designs with the business objectives (all with a fun and friendly approach),his dedication and finesse has led to numerous project successes.”

- Mylene Hendrick, Group Manager, Multichannel Creative Studio, Target

Rob  brings a unique problem-solving perspective, supports his decisions with reason and is dedicated to delivering the highest level of targeted communication solutions. I would strongly endorse Rob and the skill and professionalism he brings to any team.”

- Pete Farrell, Executive Vice President / Interactive Creative Director, Ackerman McQueen

Rob is an ideal working colleague. He employs a direct sensible approach to tasks and projects ensuring the highest quality of work. Rob is extremely flexible and open-minded which guarantees success not only for himself, but for those who are fortunate working with him.”

Rob would be an asset to any organization. With complete confidence, I can recommend Rob for any position that matches his skill set.

- Anthony DiPaolo, President and CEO, Work’N Gear

- Matthew Bowe, Director of IT, NES Clothing Company

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